My name is Genna, which is relatively uncommon. Growing up there were never ever ever keychains or bike licenses or anything trinkety with my name on it. Sometimes there was a Jenna, but rarely. Never even a Gen. Sometimes I would be like….I could get the Gina and just pretend…..

Now I’m sure Jessicas and Janes and Jennifers are all pretty over hearing their name said aloud in movies and TV by all sorts of folks, but there are so few instances of Genna/Jennas that whenever they do occur, I feel like the stars are aligning. If I am lucky enough that a handsome gentleman is saying the name, I swoon all the more. Here are the G/Jennas that I am aware of in cinema and television (actually they’re all Jennas, wah wah, but no matter – MARK RUFFALO IS SAYING MY NAME):

A. Jenna Maroney, played by Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney aaaa I love this character to no end. Lady needs an Emmy already. Witness your face to become smiling!

And for all the G/Jennas out there, here is Alec Baldwin and then JAMES FRANCO saying your name, though he is actually in love with a Japanese body pillow named Kimiko…

B. Jenna Rink, played by Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30

Another title with the number 30 in it (whaaa?), this movie is a fine movie. It is a fine movie! Judy Greer is also in this movie! And they do the Thriller dance! And lovely scruffy Mark Ruffalo plays the guy. Sigh. He chews so good.

Here’s a pretty strange/awesome fan video with few Jennas sprinkled around:

C. Jenna, played by Jacinda Barrett in The Last Kiss

JEEBUS another Jennifer Garner movie! What is this! I wasn’t kidding about the cosmic alignment.

Oh wait. It’s not. Hahahaha! Just a shitty generic movie with Zach Braff. Oh I never saw it. Heard it was preeeeetty bad.

D. Jenna, played by Fiona Gubelmann in Wilfred

Oh god I love Wilfred…it’s strange and beautiful. And Elijah Wood is in love with his next-door neighbor, a Jenna, so he says her name a lot. And Elijah Wood…I find him a bit dreamy. Her dog, Wilfred, also says the name. Like here’s a pretty sexy scene:

Another COSMIC CONNECTION is that Chris Klein plays Jenna’s boyfriend in some episodes, and Chris Klein is also the name of my uncle. Yeaa.

E. There aren’t any more so:

Real famous folks whose name sounds like mine:

Jena Malone is great…

Jenna Fischer, sure…

Jenna Elfman – she’s pretty boss! I happen to own Keeping the Faith on VHS I do.


Jenna von Oy, child star, with whom I am unfamiliar………

and finally, Jenna Jameson.

and that’s pretty much it.


Much love! Genna


Today I got a compliment, granted it was from a desperate lady in a booth at the farmers market by the mall, but she was selling hand-dyed, semi-local wool, and so she knew a thing or two about colors, maybe. The compliment was, “your shirt is exactly perfectly in style – it has every color in fashion right now.”

And I kind of goose-stepped and waggled my hands and said I know I know I am so fashionable la di da!

She went on to describe how the Pantone folks put together color palettes several seasons in advance, and that she just got the colors for next fall. I had heard about this before – in college I took a psychology seminar (only like 10 people, yo! big deal in my huge university) that was all about color. One of the girls in the class had had an internship or something at Pantone or some other serious color prognosticator, and she was like really good at color. I love colors, but really I’m just a hobbyist and appreciator who goes with her gut and her nose (of course my gut and my nose being the product of absorbing tons of other folksoutput/finds).

But yes. looking at that Pantone website, it does appear that my thrifted Brooks Brothers Oxford shirt is on the money for Fall 2012, containing such colors as: Honey Gold, Pink Flambe, Ultramarine Green (well it’s a bit of a stretch), and Olympian Blue. Crap! I’m early! No one will understand my modish-ness unless they are like really into colors. Luckily the shirt is also a bit boxier than it should be, the sleeves looser, so I am not so confusing. But for reals: last night in the previews for Wanderlust (David Wain! I love you! Paul Rudd!), there were like three previews where the girl was wearing some sort of slim-fitting plaid shirt. Not news, of course, but, just: NOTED.

(see 1:25) I totally look like Emily Blunt in my shirt.

Speaking of fashion, how cute do they dress the Jane character (and Penny too!) in Happy Endings? Ooo here’s a good post. Aaaa want the skirts…the shirts….everything…….she’s awesome. It’s a total uniform. She also wears a lot of plaid shirts. Others have noticed, as seen in this drinking game. Speaking of which: Happy Endings is fantastic. It’s a just absolutely fantastic show! The one with the most consistent laughs and some effing lovable characters. I guess I am the target demographic. How fun!


At the farmers market today I bought a bunch of guavas (mmmmmmmmm guavas!) for $4, a big bag of oranges for $4, and some local honey for $8. Seemed fair to me. Then I came home and made faux pho and watched My Best Friend’s Wedding and finished a baguette with sea salt and a ton of this really good California olive oil I got. OH MAN SO GOOD! It’s kind of dumb that I didn’t just hold out and buy Temecula Olive Oil Co. olive oil, but whatever.

I love My Best Friend’s Wedding. I have seen it probably every year of my life since I was nine or ten, and every year I discover some new joke or throwaway line that I hadn’t before. I mean – MBFW is – I know what kind of a movie it is. And it has a special place in my corazon. On this viewing what particularly struck me was how Julia Roberts is supposed to be 28, this frighteningly powerful food critic, finishing a book tour, and just such an adult. Cameron Diaz’ character is supposed to be TWENTY and she is getting MARRIED the jerk.

I had the same feeling about Elizabeth Bennet when I realized she was also not one and twenty. DAMN HER!

Rookie magazine covered this topic and it is just – when I was a kid I expected that – oh yeah, sure, 28? That is SO OLD. Of course she is so mature (aside from, you know, sabotaging weddings) of course she is so successful of course her life is fully directed. Not that my life isn’t directed now…just my dialogue and social life sems so lame and childish in comparison. I mean I’m reading teen content. GRANTED IT IS AWESOME TEEN CONTENT, but you know what I mean: I should be beyond this! Adult!

I am so not an adult, in so many ways. I do feel the nudges of it coming on, though. The desire for a stocked, organized home, where everything is something I have picked, baby thoughts, or, at least, thoughts of like, oh I’d totally start having kids if I were in the right circumstances. FINALLY the desire for a guy pal who is not just an asshole punk, but someone I would be a family with. OH LORD.

And then I tell myself: Genna you are 26.5 and you are starting a grown-up job and you will be fine and you will not recognize yourself when you are 28 just like the 24 you is preeeeeetty different from what you are now.


A. Listening to a lot of tracks from Midnight in Paris:

B. Found this today, combining three of my favorite – FOUR of my favorite things: Star Wars, yoga, hilarity, and Etsy. I think all it needs is a hearty AMEN.

C. HECK YES ladies from Community.

D. Watching this in the background:

It’s ridiculous, but it’s also awesome – I totally have weird rituals and feelings about inanimate things – like, oh now this shirt is dirty, or, fuck this pen I need this pen OUT OF MY LIFE, or, I should show that plant a little love right now, or, me and the dog are having such a connection right now.

I love you so much, Genna