When I was little I thought that in songs and things when they said “pouring rain” they were saying “foreign rain”. I guess it sounded more romantic to me? Ha! Even after a thorough sarch, I can’t come up with any song I would have thought this about, except Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved, but I wasn’t a child when that came out, and don’t have any inclination to think of it as “foreign rain”.

When I was little I also thought that the subheading of Highlights magazine, in actuality being “Fun with a Purpose”, was “Fun with a Porpoise”. I really should make a drawing of that.

I love those aha moments when you realize for the longest time you were reading/saying/understanding something wrong! I pronounced Hermione /herm-wan/ until book four came out and Viktor Krum or Grawp or someone had to be instructed to say it. Another reason I love rewatching movies and rereading books I loved as a kid.

Today it’s cloudy here, and I’m downing the chai.

Cheers, Genna