Oh gosh one of my favorite things is to mash bananas into sticky rich chocolate ice cream. And OH MAN looking at the top photo in this is making me salivate. WANT! BANANAS! MASHED! INTO! STICKY CHEWY CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM FROM SWENSEN’S! I don’t live up the hill from Swensen’s any more. <sadface>. I’m going to have to make that ice cream! Crap! It- you just mix it and freeze it – WHY HAVEN’T THEY THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE!? IT MAKES ALL THE SENSE!! I WANT TO MAKE ALL KINDS OF VARIATIONS! THIS IS THE NEXT STEP IN ICE CREAMERY!

Listen to this. It is Ball And Biscuit by The White Stripes. SO BOSS:

As I wait for the state to process my license, I’ve been driving out to the coast most weekends to do yard work at my parent’s house, which has been mostly digging-related activities. There’s just nothing like showering and eating dinner and then relaxing after a day of outdoor labor in the dirt when the rest of the week you’re mostly inside at a computer, because that’s really what I do all week. Having not started my job. Because the state is processing my license. It’s taking them a full eight weeks. Hey thanks, state! Thanks.

So digging has been going great! My parents are relandscaping the yard after years of it being kind of spottily barren. They got all kinds of pretty drought tolerant plants and they’re also going to let me put in a little vegetable garden. They’re camping this weekend so today I finished up with the tasks I know about (shaking dirt out of sod clumps so the garbage guys don’t hate us, smoothing out dirt over the fixed drainage system) so tomorrow I’m going to put in some of the garden, maybe buy some tomato plants and strawberry plants, and more seeds. I want to try to get seeds for plants that will produce good seeds. My understanding is that this means heirloom seeds. I need to research this.

I have some seeds saved from my last garden in San Francisco. It was also my first garden, and it was so much fun! My gardening style is definitely to smell those roses and enjoy every transformation, and to put love into moving the dirt around and helping the plants grow and then harvesting and then collecting seeds. And being sad if something dies, but no matter! So it goes! Lesson learned! I learned, by the way, that arugula is the hardiest fancy thing to plant. It’s nuts! The stuff is so so tasty and grows like a weed, and then it goes to seed and the seeds are ridiculously easy to collect and sow again. I have to thank my garden partner and old roommate for pointing out the seed collection possibility. It’s all I care about now! My garden was so weak that I would just let everything go to seed, and I got my gardener’s satisfaction from gathering the seeds!

So I have this collection from all over, from fruits and vegetables I’ve eaten, plants I’ve passed, etc., and who knows if anything will grow true. But I really enjoy the experiment!

Well it’s evening now and I am worn. out. Even with just, really, a few hours of work. Now I’m sipping my wine and patting that black dog when she comes to bother me and put her head on my lap. Aw, dog! I love you too. Time to make pie!

Love, Genna


Today I got a compliment, granted it was from a desperate lady in a booth at the farmers market by the mall, but she was selling hand-dyed, semi-local wool, and so she knew a thing or two about colors, maybe. The compliment was, “your shirt is exactly perfectly in style – it has every color in fashion right now.”

And I kind of goose-stepped and waggled my hands and said I know I know I am so fashionable la di da!

She went on to describe how the Pantone folks put together color palettes several seasons in advance, and that she just got the colors for next fall. I had heard about this before – in college I took a psychology seminar (only like 10 people, yo! big deal in my huge university) that was all about color. One of the girls in the class had had an internship or something at Pantone or some other serious color prognosticator, and she was like really good at color. I love colors, but really I’m just a hobbyist and appreciator who goes with her gut and her nose (of course my gut and my nose being the product of absorbing tons of other folksoutput/finds).

But yes. looking at that Pantone website, it does appear that my thrifted Brooks Brothers Oxford shirt is on the money for Fall 2012, containing such colors as: Honey Gold, Pink Flambe, Ultramarine Green (well it’s a bit of a stretch), and Olympian Blue. Crap! I’m early! No one will understand my modish-ness unless they are like really into colors. Luckily the shirt is also a bit boxier than it should be, the sleeves looser, so I am not so confusing. But for reals: last night in the previews for Wanderlust (David Wain! I love you! Paul Rudd!), there were like three previews where the girl was wearing some sort of slim-fitting plaid shirt. Not news, of course, but, just: NOTED.

(see 1:25) I totally look like Emily Blunt in my shirt.

Speaking of fashion, how cute do they dress the Jane character (and Penny too!) in Happy Endings? Ooo here’s a good post. Aaaa want the skirts…the shirts….everything…….she’s awesome. It’s a total uniform. She also wears a lot of plaid shirts. Others have noticed, as seen in this drinking game. Speaking of which: Happy Endings is fantastic. It’s a just absolutely fantastic show! The one with the most consistent laughs and some effing lovable characters. I guess I am the target demographic. How fun!


At the farmers market today I bought a bunch of guavas (mmmmmmmmm guavas!) for $4, a big bag of oranges for $4, and some local honey for $8. Seemed fair to me. Then I came home and made faux pho and watched My Best Friend’s Wedding and finished a baguette with sea salt and a ton of this really good California olive oil I got. OH MAN SO GOOD! It’s kind of dumb that I didn’t just hold out and buy Temecula Olive Oil Co. olive oil, but whatever.

I love My Best Friend’s Wedding. I have seen it probably every year of my life since I was nine or ten, and every year I discover some new joke or throwaway line that I hadn’t before. I mean – MBFW is – I know what kind of a movie it is. And it has a special place in my corazon. On this viewing what particularly struck me was how Julia Roberts is supposed to be 28, this frighteningly powerful food critic, finishing a book tour, and just such an adult. Cameron Diaz’ character is supposed to be TWENTY and she is getting MARRIED the jerk.

I had the same feeling about Elizabeth Bennet when I realized she was also not one and twenty. DAMN HER!

Rookie magazine covered this topic and it is just – when I was a kid I expected that – oh yeah, sure, 28? That is SO OLD. Of course she is so mature (aside from, you know, sabotaging weddings) of course she is so successful of course her life is fully directed. Not that my life isn’t directed now…just my dialogue and social life sems so lame and childish in comparison. I mean I’m reading teen content. GRANTED IT IS AWESOME TEEN CONTENT, but you know what I mean: I should be beyond this! Adult!

I am so not an adult, in so many ways. I do feel the nudges of it coming on, though. The desire for a stocked, organized home, where everything is something I have picked, baby thoughts, or, at least, thoughts of like, oh I’d totally start having kids if I were in the right circumstances. FINALLY the desire for a guy pal who is not just an asshole punk, but someone I would be a family with. OH LORD.

And then I tell myself: Genna you are 26.5 and you are starting a grown-up job and you will be fine and you will not recognize yourself when you are 28 just like the 24 you is preeeeeetty different from what you are now.


A. Listening to a lot of tracks from Midnight in Paris:

B. Found this today, combining three of my favorite – FOUR of my favorite things: Star Wars, yoga, hilarity, and Etsy. I think all it needs is a hearty AMEN.

C. HECK YES ladies from Community.

D. Watching this in the background:

It’s ridiculous, but it’s also awesome – I totally have weird rituals and feelings about inanimate things – like, oh now this shirt is dirty, or, fuck this pen I need this pen OUT OF MY LIFE, or, I should show that plant a little love right now, or, me and the dog are having such a connection right now.

I love you so much, Genna


Take action, I mean!! Not my plant!!! I love my plant so much! Did you know it has grown maybe four leaves since it has been mine? I got it free – snapped a piece of it off my friend’s roommate’s plant because the thing was effing monstrous and my friend was like hey- hey Genna see if you can take a part of that plant out of my apartment because my roommate is CRAZY AND LOVES PLANTS TOO MUCH and really, I think she knew I was crazy and loved plants too much also (kindred spirit crazy plant ladies represaaaaaant).

So I got this piece of plant and after a couple weeks of it sitting in water I stuck it in dirt and it has SURVIVED and THRIVED and it is my favorite.

Well I like my rosemary too. And the spider plants!

And the skinny grass-looking succulent I snapped off a plant in Berkeley. Oh Berkeley! I miss Berkeley.

My friend’s roommate also gave me another plant, a year later, because she is a soul sista, so I have an African violet too. It’s really pretty crazy how much time and love I invest into building my plant collection without buying anything.

Well that was before I had job prospects! In the past month I have purchased TWO PLANTS!!! One is a jasminum polyanthum <insert photo>, and one is a sweet broom <insert…photo….NO IT’S COLD AND LATE AND IT’S DARK>.

Oh these two each smell just delightful! I love them. I love them so much! I really hope they don’t die. I bet they so would, and I’d feel like a chump for paying money for them at Armstrong Gardens.

What’s really pretty stupid is that you can buy these plants at the store and they look so much prettier than the ones I cultivate on my own, and they can be like only five bucks, which isn’t a lot <says my brain as I have JOB PROSPECTS>. So it’s tempting to buy them! Only my apartment here has really terrible lighting so I really shouldn’t invest in houseplants right now. Like for real I have no direct light into my room. Whereas the previous place was justĀ FLOODED. So it goes! I would spend all day just lying on my bed in the sun, with the cats.

It was the best. Genna