Say My Name

My name is Genna, which is relatively uncommon. Growing up there were never ever ever keychains or bike licenses or anything trinkety with my name on it. Sometimes there was a Jenna, but rarely. Never even a Gen. Sometimes I would be like….I could get the Gina and just pretend…..

Now I’m sure Jessicas and Janes and Jennifers are all pretty over hearing their name said aloud in movies and TV by all sorts of folks, but there are so few instances of Genna/Jennas that whenever they do occur, I feel like the stars are aligning. If I am lucky enough that a handsome gentleman is saying the name, I swoon all the more. Here are the G/Jennas that I am aware of in cinema and television (actually they’re all Jennas, wah wah, but no matter – MARK RUFFALO IS SAYING MY NAME):

A. Jenna Maroney, played by Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney aaaa I love this character to no end. Lady needs an Emmy already. Witness your face to become smiling!

And for all the G/Jennas out there, here is Alec Baldwin and then JAMES FRANCO saying your name, though he is actually in love with a Japanese body pillow named Kimiko…

B. Jenna Rink, played by Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30

Another title with the number 30 in it (whaaa?), this movie is a fine movie. It is a fine movie! Judy Greer is also in this movie! And they do the Thriller dance! And lovely scruffy Mark Ruffalo plays the guy. Sigh. He chews so good.

Here’s a pretty strange/awesome fan video with few Jennas sprinkled around:

C. Jenna, played by Jacinda Barrett in The Last Kiss

JEEBUS another Jennifer Garner movie! What is this! I wasn’t kidding about the cosmic alignment.

Oh wait. It’s not. Hahahaha! Just a shitty generic movie with Zach Braff. Oh I never saw it. Heard it was preeeeetty bad.

D. Jenna, played by Fiona Gubelmann in Wilfred

Oh god I love Wilfred…it’s strange and beautiful. And Elijah Wood is in love with his next-door neighbor, a Jenna, so he says her name a lot. And Elijah Wood…I find him a bit dreamy. Her dog, Wilfred, also says the name. Like here’s a pretty sexy scene:

Another COSMIC CONNECTION is that Chris Klein plays Jenna’s boyfriend in some episodes, and Chris Klein is also the name of my uncle. Yeaa.

E. There aren’t any more so:

Real famous folks whose name sounds like mine:

Jena Malone is great…

Jenna Fischer, sure…

Jenna Elfman – she’s pretty boss! I happen to own Keeping the Faith on VHS I do.


Jenna von Oy, child star, with whom I am unfamiliar………

and finally, Jenna Jameson.

and that’s pretty much it.


Much love! Genna


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