Take action, I mean!! Not my plant!!! I love my plant so much! Did you know it has grown maybe four leaves since it has been mine? I got it free – snapped a piece of it off my friend’s roommate’s plant because the thing was effing monstrous and my friend was like hey- hey Genna see if you can take a part of that plant out of my apartment because my roommate is CRAZY AND LOVES PLANTS TOO MUCH and really, I think she knew I was crazy and loved plants too much also (kindred spirit crazy plant ladies represaaaaaant).

So I got this piece of plant and after a couple weeks of it sitting in water I stuck it in dirt and it has SURVIVED and THRIVED and it is my favorite.

Well I like my rosemary too. And the spider plants!

And the skinny grass-looking succulent I snapped off a plant in Berkeley. Oh Berkeley! I miss Berkeley.

My friend’s roommate also gave me another plant, a year later, because she is a soul sista, so I have an African violet too. It’s really pretty crazy how much time and love I invest into building my plant collection without buying anything.

Well that was before I had job prospects! In the past month I have purchased TWO PLANTS!!! One is a jasminum polyanthum <insert photo>, and one is a sweet broom <insert…photo….NO IT’S COLD AND LATE AND IT’S DARK>.

Oh these two each smell just delightful! I love them. I love them so much! I really hope they don’t die. I bet they so would, and I’d feel like a chump for paying money for them at Armstrong Gardens.

What’s really pretty stupid is that you can buy these plants at the store and they look so much prettier than the ones I cultivate on my own, and they can be like only five bucks, which isn’t a lot <says my brain as I have JOB PROSPECTS>. So it’s tempting to buy them! Only my apartment here has really terrible lighting so I really shouldn’t invest in houseplants right now. Like for real I have no direct light into my room. Whereas the previous place was just FLOODED. So it goes! I would spend all day just lying on my bed in the sun, with the cats.

It was the best. Genna


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